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Established in March of 2010, our primary focus is to bring an elevated level of service to all customers operating in North, Central and South America. We are proud to represent Kunshan Kensetsu Buhin Co Ltd. (KTSU) in its aggressive growth into these markets.

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KTSU provides knowledgeable, professional and courteous service throughout the entire process of quoting, ordering, expediting, logistical preparation, shipping, invoicing, customs assistance and receiving. Our work is not done until your customer is satisfied. Our services will give you 'The Competitive Edge'.

Historically, manufacturers of undercarriage components have established solid business relations and created viable markets for its products through the after-market only to see these efforts eroded or forgotten completely once an OEM customer base has been developed. Strong OEM demand consumes the capacities for many manufacturers and the after-market customer takes a place low in their priority of concern.

KTSU America and KTSU share in our common belief and dedication to the after-market customer. Our company was founded, grew stable and has expanded into a world-renowned supplier of rollers and idlers through our support and focus on the after-market customer. Our pledge to the fundamentals of your business: Quality, Delivery and Competitive Prices anchor our commitments to the after-market customer. Our record stands as evidence of our FIRM commitments, so join us and become a partner with the company that will provide a new gateway to your future within the undercarriage industry.

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