Dozer Undercarriages

KTSU Parts for Dozer Undercarriages

KTSU has manufactured dozer undercarriage components since 2003. Our core business has developed from our passion for producing heavy equipment parts. From rollers, idlers, segment groups and track chains (sealed & lubricated), we design our undercarriage parts with consistent precision. With more than 1 million Sq Ft, we are devoted to producing the best track chains, segment groups, rollers & idlers on the market.

Each component is composed and inspected to confirm appropriate surface hardness, depth hardness and dimensional accuracy to maximize wear life on the machine. A dozer’s undercarriage must endure the most aggressive and high impact applications that any machine will encounter. Knowing this, we have built undercarriage components with a metallurgical composition to promote uniform wear while under stressful conditions.

The seals and bushings of our track chains as well as the composition of our rollers and idlers are made to exhibit extreme rotational strength. This, factored in with their ability to absorb and balance the weight of your dozer, extend the life of your undercarriage. We understand that the quality of your undercarriage is paramount to your livelihood—you can count on KTSU parts to keep you on track.