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At KTSU America, we specialize in supplying high-quality undercarriage parts for practically all makes and models of track-driven machines to the North American market. Our extensive product offerings range from sprockets, segment groups, idlers, and rollers to steel track chains and rubber tracks. We manufacture undercarriage components for machines ranging from the 1 ton class machine up to a 250 ton class machine. That is some serious range. 

Built to perform.

Our undercarriage systems work in the toughest of field conditions, so they are designed to do just that: All KTSU components are designed to provide optimum service life while also meeting performance requirements. We also understand that cost savings is must as well. KTSU’s role as a tried-and-true undercarriage solution for your company is also an economic solution. This added value translates to a quality-built part at a fair and equitable price. 

Built to last.

Today’s track machines work in every imaginable condition. In order for your undercarriage to deliver day in and day out, KTSU’s “boots on the ground” work side by side with our engineers to develop long lasting products for today’s everchanging applications.  We use specialized techniques to ensure maximum consistency, performance, and durability for all of our products. KTSU America doesn’t just sell parts. We manufacture them ourselves. We test them ourselves. And we know they’ll work properly and will go the distance when properly installed and maintained. Simply put: your customers can count on KTSU.

Quality on The Competitive Edge.

Our products are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards, and we back all of our products with a warranty that is easy to understand. Our success comes from a multitude of practices—it’s not just about selling the product. Our commitment is to keep the machine’s undercarriage (60-70% of its operating cost) operating at a high level while keeping the cost per hour down. It’s not an easy task, but our formula for success works!

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